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    Nabirye Halimah, now 19 is a victim of trafficking. She originates in Iganga District that lies in the eastern part of Uganda.

    Nabirye was born to Mr. Wasswa Hassan and Asnat Jennifer, who let her into the work of a housemaid in exchange of a cash down payment.

    Asked what she thinks was the cause of her coming to Makindye Ssabagabo, a community close to Uganda’s Capital, Kampala and her answer was ‘poverty’ in her parents’ home.

    “The lady who brought me to work is a friend to our family in Iganga” Nabirye clarified.  

    Nabirye had worked for three years as a housemaid by the time she was identified by a local HUYSLINCI volunteer to be supported. For the period she worked, she never received a single penny as had been agreed upon with her employer.

    “I was in total suffering; waking up so early at 5am and resting too late past midnight each day. I was the first to rise and the last to sleep” Nabirye said.

    She used to cook good food for the household but ate only after others had got what was enough for them. She used to miss meals in some occasions or eat leftovers.

    She also reports escaping several attempts of rape by the husband to her supervisor and employer until she was rescued by the neighbor who later informed the local leadership of the girl’s tribulations. The local council leadership then connected her to the HUYSLINCI volunteer who registered her during the identification of child laborers.

    She was later recruited for a six months course in tailoring through local artisanship, equipping her with a full set of a tailoring machine and start up materials after the course.   

    She now rents her own residence, place of work and saves Uganda shillings three thousand (3,000/=) daily from her tailoring job.

    Her plan is to expand the business, make it more professional and create a training unit where she can pass on similar skills to other vulnerable children in the community at a fair cost.

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