About us - Values and Why Children


 a)      HUYSLINCI seeks to work with and for young persons in vulnerable circumstances

b)      We give priority to children and youth as agents for sustainable change

c)      The organization respects national and universally accepted guidelines/laws/regulations/policies.

d)      We act and speak out when human rights are violated or are under threat of violation

e)      HUYSLINCI believes in the power of unity/groups/associations but with respect to individual opinions.

f)        The organization seeks to empower communities to safeguard the ecosystem.

g)       We endeavor to express love, care, hope and security to children, with trust that they can become responsible adults and in-turn, do the same to the young ones.

h)      HUYSLINCI is non-political and non-profit but managing social enterprises meant to deliver social goods.

i)        The organization believes in opening up opportunities and possibilities for young persons to enable them contribute to national, regional and global development.

j)        HUYSLINCI believes in helping people in communities to thrive.

 k)    We welcome all partners with whom we share aspirations



  •  Because we believe that every individual child and young person is of equal and immeasurable value as created in the image of God. It is shocking to have millions of young persons in the 21st Century still living under harsh conditions.
  • Every Child and young person is unique & is a valuable gift that must be loved & cared for. They have a right to enjoy their childhood.


Facts & Figures

Development Partners work with HUYSLINCI to reach out to the Vulnerable Young Persons
(USD) Annually allocated to lessen the worrying situation of Young persons
Years in working with & for Young persons
Children provided with a Meal while at school
Youth Equipped with Employable Skill Annually
Households supported to economically

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