About us - Our Guiding Principles

Our paradigm of supporting young persons reflects participation, empowerment and development. We engage society to see that young persons in difficult circumstances are regarded as human beings with rights to be fulfilled and in need of love, and care.  We work in communities. We study these communities. With community members, we identify their needs and prioritize them on our action plans. We facilitate and empower communities to make lasting solutions to their problems. We are community driven. We are a community organization and we are proud to be just that.

In order to achieve the above we ensure:

  • Mutual Respect- We are dedicated to ensuring that every partner, beneficiary and employee is treated with dignity and respect, and that differences are valued and individual abilities and contributions are recognized.  We love diversity!
  • We equip young persons with competitive life skills and positive behaviour to aid them in making good and realistic choices, contribute to the transformation of their own lives and the communities within which they live and originate, when they grow up.
  • We offer long term support to young persons, which is not bound by a specific style/formula of activities, but rather, a commitment to help them make progress, at their pace and abilities and in ways that work for them.
  • We reach out to young persons, particularly the most at risk, so that no one is forgotten, neglected, left without hope but given an opportunity to live their dreams.
  • We preach and cultivate appropriate attitudes and practices in the public domain so that young persons are no longer exploited or viewed as a commodity, but as individual human beings with rights, obligations, and responsibilities, and with value.

The aspiration of HUYSLINCI, its stakeholders and staff is to measure the effectiveness of our concerted interventions in facilitating young persons to cause a long positive impact on themselves and their communities.