Become a volunteer at Huyslinci today

HUYSLINCI welcomes volunteers to work in its Programmes. Volunteers will join HUYSLINCI staff and will be expected to participate in all staff activities and to sign a letter of employment outlining job expectations and standards of behaviour.

No educational supervision or evaluation will be provided during the stay of a volunteer with HUYSLINCI. International volunteers will:

  • Be responsible for his/her own travel costs to and from Uganda;
  • Be responsible for his/her own visa arrangements where applicable.

International interns should ensure that they have the required and appropriate visa/permit to enable them to do an internship in Uganda. HUYSLINCI staff will advise and assist in this regard, but cannot take responsibility or guarantee that the Ugandan authorities will issue such a permit.

  • Not be receiving any stipend from HUYSLINCI for the duration of his/her stay. Costs incurred as a result of job requirements will be re-imbursed.
  • Pay for his/her own accommodation and meals (for advice on costs, please contact the Executive Director
  • Be on a fixed term arrangement where the start and concluding date are mutually negotiated and agreed upon;

HUYSLINCI advises all international volunteers to establish contact with their country representative in Uganda. Contact person and application process all applications and Curriculum Vitaes have to be submitted to HUYSLINCI's Executive Director.
His contact details are as follows:

    E-mail: or
    Telephone number: 256-414-378-198 or Cell: 256-774-401-496
    Facsimile number: 

Upon receiving Curriculum Vitae from a partner institution or from a prospective volunteer, we will submit the application to HUYSLINCI’s  Projects Coordinator in order to determine whether a suitable position is available and liaise with the applicant accordingly.

An application to join HUYSLINCI as a volunteer does not guarantee a placement. The Executive Director will begin a process with successful applicants which will include job definition and logistical arrangements. Please allow a minimum of three months between application and arrival at HUYSLINCI.

HUYSLINCI Supervisor
Interns sent under the terms of a partnership agreement will be supervised according to the agreement. This supervision will include both job supervision and a learning programme.

HUYSLINCI's main activities
Please see our website for HUYSLINCI's programme areas -

Language proficiency
English is spoken throughout the organization. An intern should be able to speak and write English well in order to perform his/her duties and manage living arrangements.

Timing of internship
Best months of the year for an intern: February to November.

Months of the year when HUYSLINCI cannot accommodate interns:  December and January. It is Uganda’s Long holiday season.



  • Provide the intern or volunteer with a letter of invitation once a position has been found for him/her in the organization;
  • Meet the person upon arrival in Entebbe, Uganda;
  • Provide an orientation to the living environment;
  • Provide an orientation to the work place (this orientation session is compulsory);
  • Provide the person with a work space and management from the programme with which he/she is working


HUYSLINCI will assist the intern/volunteer in locating suitable housing;

  • Provide free room and/or board;
  • Arrange a home stay for the interns.

Dress code
The dress code at HUYSLINCI is smart casual.

Organization culture
HUYSLINCI encourages a democratic and professional ethos and expects hard work and communicative behaviour from its entire staff.

Emergency information
Emergency contact numbers and detail will be provided upon his/her arrival.