Projects - Music and Drama Project


The people behind the formation HUYSLINCI are  the erstwhile beneficiaries of Rev. Fr. Wynand HUYS and for those who had benefited from his works through the brass band music wanted to share back their skills to the community. Further, HUYSLINCI uses Music as an entry to its programme activities. Music gives the opportunity to children and youth to open up. The cultural appeal of music breaks the silence of vulnerability to draw children and youth into development programs.


This project involves direct delivery of skills training for the brass band music and supporting the youth to develop their talents. There are over five brass bands in the whole country that trace their beginnings with HUYSLINCI. The bands are now income generating ventures ie hired for entertainment as well as community mobilization for development activities, especially International Days that are commemorated by members of the United Nations and African Union.  A number of vulnerable children and youth who were trained by HUYSLINCI have grown into adults who are earning a living using music and drama skills.