Children and Youth
NGO in Uganda

Huys Link Community Initiative

In Harmony, we reach out to the World!

Our esteemed partners and friends in development;

It is satisfying to be engaged with you in lifting the statuses of children and youth in this part of the world –Uganda. Together, we have and still make landmark transformation in the lives of young people and their social circles.

At Huys Link Community Initiative (HUYSLINCI) we are committed to contributing to the Protection, Survival and Development of the vulnerable young persons - in difficult circumstances as we envision a  just and loving society where young persons enjoy their rights and take responsibility to realize their full potential.

The great strides we have made and our many accomplishments along the way, would not have been possible without the commitment of our partners, networks, friends, staff and volunteers who have promoted HUYSLINCI’s vision, mission and objectives through their sacrifices,  dedication and professionalism.


We now can smile after reaching several lives with HIV/Aids services in Uganda, after withdrawing a number of children from hazardous labour in the different parts of Uganda and enrolling them for basic and vocational education, after empowering households with winning survival skills and giving them startup capital, after registering a number of youth started and managed businesses countrywide and seeing them employ lots of other youth; but most importantly, the passing on of entrepreneurship skills- a chain we shall live to celebrate; after registering redress for the numerous human rights cases referred to duty bearers. We feel we are doing justice to the reason for which we exist.

Promoting human rights like health, education, knowledge or information, wealth and well-being, etc. prompts our innovativeness, courage, and commitment to serve more and more because, they make the pillars upon which development rests.

Thanking our donors, our staff, our volunteers and all our other partners and affiliates in this work seems not to be adequate at this time but rather, an encouragement to keep the zeal and support going. We still have with us a task to score the Sustainable Development Goals. We however celebrate the little or much so far made in contribution.

Let’s refresh our ideas, efforts, commitments and readiness towards achieving our goal(s) and objectives.


With gratitude,


Moses Matovu

Executive Director


Music is the key with which we penetrate communities

We support Child Education

We empower households and communities to become economically self reliant
We work with Village and Parish level volunteers to cause lasting positive change in their own localities
We foster dialogues on matters of community development

We work in the fishing communities