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The Tumaini Awards celebrate individuals and organizations who have had the greatest impact on children’s rights through health in schools, quality of education, child protection and livelihoods. This initiative is organized by the African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse & Neglect, Child Fund Uganda, Compassion International Uganda, Save the Children International, Uganda Child Rights NGO Network, UNICEF, and World Vision Uganda.

HUYSLINCI won the first place award in the Livelihoods category out of nearly 170 NGOs for their evolution of the Breaking Barriers to Children’s Access to Education project model, supported by CFTC. The Tumaini Award was presented with a trophy, a certificate, and a fully-sponsored staff capacity-building training session in an area of HUYSLINCI’s choice.


“African MDG Achievers International Awards”

For Outstanding Performance and Achievement.

Received at the University of Brandford, United Kingdom on 25th May 2010.


HUYSLINCI, a member of the Human Rights (NGO) Network Uganda was awarded for leading the Human Rights Cluster in a profound manner for the period 2010-2011.

The African Network for Prevention Against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANNPCAN) Uganda recognized HUYSLINCI for working with promoting the rights of children in Uganda through education sponsorship, skilling of children, and for generally supporting the work of ANNPCAN.


HUYSLINCI was in 2015 recommended to Twaweza/Uwezo East Africa as the best Eductaion Support charity to coordinate the Uwezo periodic Learning Assessments in Uganda’s largest and most populated district of Wakiso. Since then, HUYSLINCI has been privileged to coordinate the 2015, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Learning assessments for children, youth and young adults.

HUYSLINCI was recognized by Child Rights Empowerment and Development Program (CEDO), a partner organization for mutual and exemplary program support.


One of the partner schools recognizing the gradual transformation HUYSLINCI has, with her partners inspired and created in setting up a friendlier, conducive and enabling learning/teaching environment for children and their teachers.

We have annually received recognitions for participating in the various community development initiatives in the communities we serve, from state and non-state actors.


HUYSLINCI Recognized for managing the Youth-to-Youth Fund well – supporting and inspiring youth to create sustainable jobs and employing others.