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Dear supporter,

You can help feed and educate children, now more than ever!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been close to two years since self-isolation, physical distancing measures and school lock-down were implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, here in Uganda. I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well.

The lock down is impacting the children and families we work with in different but worrying ways. I want to tell you about a couple of children from Wakiso District, share some of the challenges they are facing and ways that you can help.

Jane and Mathew were 3rd and 5th graders respectively before the Covid-19 lock-down, who relied on the institutional and feeding programs by Huys Link Community Initiative (HUYSLINCI) at their community school in Nkumba. Now that the community school is closed, they are struggling to get enough to eat and have only relied on the study materials distributed by HUYSLINCI to continue reading and keep up the school spirit in them. Their grandmother and sole caretaker Lovinsa, like many parents and grandparents, has lost her source of livelihood - a small food and vegetable stall that they ate up to closure, and is now struggling to feed the family.

A teacher and coordinator of the HUYSLINCI program at this community school told us that many parents are pleading to open up so they can feed their children and keep their children safe from just wandering around the community.

Your support is needed now more than ever to help children and families who are feeling the horrible effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear Supporter, you can help children like Jane and Mathew enroll back into school next January 2022 and get enough healthy food to eat with a gift today. Your gift will help pay for school development fees for many such vulnerable children, feed them while at school and provide emergency food baskets for families who are in urgent need of food.

Your gift will mean that children will study undisturbed, be fed and to give hope to despairing parents. 

Thank you for all you're doing to help children through this difficult time and helping to educate and feed children together. Please get in touch via email: info@huyslinci.org 

Please stay safe, 

Moses Matovu
Executive Director 

The COVID-19 shock is so far the most severe aggregate shock that Ugandan has suffered in recent times. Uganda is characterized by high pre-pandemic levels of youth unemployment and underemployment and with the educational disruptions caused by the Covid-19 Lock-down, a number of girls have become pregnant as a result of trying to find possible means of survival; others have had enormous body changes which frightens them from returning into mainstream education, which will in turn render them society misfits due to the lack of productive business and other survival skills.

Agnes (18) and Gladys (17), who have previously benefited from HUYSLINCI primary and secondary school sponsorship, are victims of the Covid-19 lock-down. They are both mothers who are uncertain of what their future will be like but are prayerful that HUYSLINCI gives them change to pursue a vocational course of their choice from which they can later earn a living.


Alfonsi et al (2020) suggests that vocational training increases labor market mobility, as it provides workers with transferable skills and with a formal certificate that they can show to potential employers. On the other hand, workers trained on the job (apprenticeship) are likely to have more firm-specific skills which might reduce their probability to be fired in the first place (due to match-specific surplus) or might increase their chance to be hired back by the same firm post lockdown.


Vocational training and apprenticeship for such vulnerable girls is the solution that HUYSLINCI thinks will transform and construct their lives well for the teasing and challenging future, post the Covid-19 lock-down.


Our appeal to you, our esteemed supporter is to make a commitment to support one or more girls to acquire these competencies.  


Going by the old African proverb “If you educate a woman you educate a family (nation)”, we trust that your donation will go a long way in shaping the now uncertain times of many young girls and households.


Dear supporter, with your support today, Agnes and Gladys can have the bright future that they dream of and are working towards, despite additional challenges they're facing. With a gift today, together we can continue to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable children and youth.

Please email us on: info@huyslinci.org today.

With gratitude for your support,


Moses Matovu

Executive Director

Sarah arrived at our office feeling broken and defeated by several years of torture from her would be loving husband. She could not endure it anymore. Her 7 year girl and 4 year boy were used to seeing their father beat their mum.

Sarah could not leave her husband because she’s an orphan and the only child, without siblings. She could not trace her relatives until she landed on a man whom she thought would be his rescuer and comforter. To the contrary, she met an offensive abuser.

Like many silently violated women, she wasn’t sure what was to happen to her life after reporting the matter to Huys Link Community Initiative. Through her friendship with Jalia Juma, one of our community volunteers who has handled similar cases of violence against women and girls, she regained her confidence, her sense of humor, and hope for the future.

“Speaking to Senga aka Aunt Jalia was the first healing my heart received when I opened up to her. I felt like my heart was smiling” Sarah said. “I felt like a real person, when Aunt Jalia spoke to my husband and he apologized while kneeling before me, promising to treat me henceforth, with honor and respect.”

Said Jalia: “We had a great time, and spoke about all the causes of misunderstandings Sarah had with her husband! We found solutions to them. We showed Sarah’s husband the implications of his conduct to his wife, the children, the neighbors, and the community and to himself. He initially couldn’t figure out how hazardous his conduct was but he now does and his family is stable and jovial than ever before.

Sarah’s case in one of the hundreds of cases that Huys Link Community Initiative (HUYSLINCI) receives from time to time and helps to harmoniously deal with.


Help by supporting our work of bringing sanity into violent homes and challenging and educating communities about the harmful gender stereotypes embedded in social and cultural norms which continue to fuel the rise in violence against women and girls in Uganda. By joining us, you will help to reunite couples, shape a nurturing environment for children and the construction of progressive households.

Let's end Domestic Violence together!  Please email us on: info@huyslinci.org today.

Moses Matovu

Executive Director


We are so proud of partner food points, restaurants, hotels and bakeries who have accepted our proposal to donate surplus foods and confectionaries to deprived children and the elderly.

The capacity of the numbers we are able to reach has however remained low and a mere drop in the ocean simply because, we lack an ideal means of transport to pick and deliver the plenty foodstuffs for which we are called to pick from time to time.

We are therefore making a humble appeal to well-wishers like you, to support our fundraiser for a FUSO Refrigerated truck to be able to pick and deliver these surplus but safe foods in time, to the vulnerable communities that we serve.

They yearn for the service and we can do it, only, if you can help.

Please contact us on:info@huyslinci.org today.

Thanking you in advance!

Moses Matovu

Executive Director

After two years of the Covid-19 lock-down, that shutdown all the schools in Uganda, the official school reopening is just a few months away and many children as well as parents and guardians are anxiously waiting for this time. BUT, while that happens, thousands of children and hundreds of parents from impoverished households, who lost their jobs and sources of their livelihoods during the lock-down are uncertain of whether they will be part and benefit from the school reopening.   


HUYSLINCI continues to receive requests from such families to have their children included in our sponsorship program but with the meagre resources at hand, we are not able to. We frustratingly tell them “WE CAN’T” and this saddens us too.


Dear Supporter, It is support from people like you that makes all the difference for not only a child, but for their family and their community.

Many of the children we support go to low cost government aided community schools but lack simple things like exercise and note books, pens, atlases, sharpeners, graph books, rulers, sanitary pads for girls, food boxes, etc.


You can join the community of HUYSLINCI supporters today by making a gift.

Please email us on: info@huyslinci.org today.


We thank you!


Moses Matovu,

Executive Director