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Huys Link Community Initiative

In Harmony, we reach out to the World!

HUYSLINCI has since 1999 been identified for its unique composition and outstanding performances of her brass band. The HUYSLINCI brass band is a strong community mobilization, sensitization, edutainment and social entertainment instrument.

In the wake of the sometimes-stringent competition amongst the Wakiso brass bands, the HUYSLINCI Brass band is the undisputed leader of the pack, and we have no hopes of slowing down in anyway. While committed to upholding the tradition of brass bands, we blend into the realms of dancehall, kidandali/afrobeat, raga, gospel, hip-hop/R&B and city music/relaxing melodies. We add the flavour of creative entertainment of dance and comics, to make our performances unforgettable. The proceeds from all performances go to helping vulnerable young people who form the largest number of the brass band team, to acquire the basic rights/necessities of life like education and livelihood. We currently celebrate a number of successful musicians, music composers, producers and promoters in Uganda and East Africa like Dr. Fizol, Coco Finger, Ricky Pro, etc that have been nurtured by the HUYSLINCI brass band.

We not only perform at all community events but also give a signature to your function by enlivening it. All our services are reasonably priced.