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The difference between success and failure is a great team.
Dave Kerpen

Moses Matovu

Chief Executive Officer

Moses is the Executive Director of Huys Link Community Initiative. He shares over 14 years of experience in working with Young People and doing community development work  with HUYSLINCI. In 2006 Moses spent 10 months on an Exchange Programme under the Fredskorpset International Exchange Programme coordinated by Human Rights NGO Network Uganda (HURINET-U) where, he worked with The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), Johannesburg, South Africa. While at CSVR, he worked under the peace building Programme which had many of its projects covering the SADC (Region) countries.

Moses is a professional Community Development Worker and human rights activist who shares practical experience gleaned from several years of combating child abuse in the hard to reach communities of Uganda.

He has interest in employing community friendly mobilization methodologies in transforming society.

Moses holds of a Bachelors of Arts in Development Studies and a Diploma in Operations Management. He has had several training in human rights, Public health; Leadership and Management.

email: mmatovu@huyslinci.org

Hadija Biringirirwa

Accounts & Administration

Hadija is a Graduate of Business Administration from Nkumba University (Uganda), specializing in accounts. She celebrates over 10 years working experience of professional accounting with NGOs and currently, is the Accounts and Administration Officer at Huys Link Community Initiative (HUYSLINCI). She has severally and successfully managed donor grants. She is passionate about the wellbeing of mothers and children especially, girl children.

email: b_hadijah@huyslinci.org

Ahmed Kibirige

Programmes and Results Manager

Ahmed is a professional Educationist with a bachelor’s degree in Education from the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation (MUK), certificate in Data Analysis and Statistics (Microsoft) and has undergone training in project planning and management, lobbying and advocacy, International Negotiations, Human Resource Management and is currently the Programmes and Results Manager with HUYSLINCI, an office he has served since 2010. He is a thrilling motivational speaker, former Guild speaker & Chairman of the University Annual convention 2006-IUIU, former Administrative Officer at Hawa Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a member of the Rotary Club of Entebbe, a former public relations officer and secretary to the club.

His professionalism, a vast interactive and attitude to change the lives of others for the better especially the vulnerable children and youths helps him to transact his obligations diligently .

email: a_kibirige@huyslinci.org

Jacqueline Nakimera

Accounts Assistant

Jacqueline is an Accounts Assistant with HUYSLINCI. She holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Nkumba University; has served as a volunteer with HUYSLINCI since 2009. She is a star at mobilizing communities especially youths, a good marketer and community development trainer. She is highly motivated by pursuing change in the lives of the vulnerable people.

email: kimjackleen@yahoo.com

Paul Mbone

Head of Vocational Studies

Paul is the in-charge of the HUYSLINCI Vocational training project. He joined HUYSLINCI in 2001 as a Carpentry Instructor. He holds a Uganda National Examination Board Certificate in Technical Education-majoring in Carpentry and Joinery and has over 23 years of experience in hands on training for young people especially those in difficult circumstances. Using non formal training methodologies, he has equipped over 1000 youth with winning survival (life) skills. He is celebrated as one of the most dynamic and creative staff at HUYSLINCI. 

e-mail: pmbone@huyslinci.org

Lucy Aero

Facilitator, Hairdressing

Lucy is an experienced trainer of hairdressing and avidly shares her hairdressing skills with lucky students at HUYSLINCI vocational school. She holds a Diploma in Cosmetology & Hairdressing from Tiner International school of Beauty –Kampala Uganda. What makes her unique is the talent and creativity she adds to her work. She won the 2016 HUYSLINCI best role model vocational instructor award voted by students, instructors and HUYSLINCI staff.

Dianah Nanziri Mirembe

Livelihoods Promotion & Development Officer

Dianah holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Uganda Christian University. She has trained in Intergrated Early Childhood Development and is so passionate about child and youth related activities and work.

She has experience in sales and marketing and with it, she fervently supports HUYSLINCI's social business.


She is a competent community development trainer and facilitator and she currently is in charge of the HUYSLINCI  Livelihoods Improvement Programme

email: dnanziri@huyslinci.org

Maria Nabyonga

Facilitator, Catering & Embroidery

Maria is the in-charge of the Home Economics and embroidery sections at the HUYSLINCI Vocational Training Project. She joined HUYSLINCI in 2003 as a volunteer and holds a Diploma in Hotel Management & Institutional catering from St. Cecilia Kisubi Training Institute, a Certificate in Tailoring and Institutional Catering from Kisubi School of Domestic Science, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. She has over 14years of experience in training youths using non formal methodologies.She is multi-talented!

John Bosco Kyanzi

Facilitator, Tailoring & Knitting

John Bosco heads the tailoring and knitting sections at the HUYSLINCI Vocational school. He holds a diploma in Textiles –Fabric Decoration (TEXT: FAB. DEC) from Kyambogo University but acquired the initial tailoring skills from an artisan who lived on the village where he grew, a demonstration of a high degree of passion that he has for vocation.  

He has been at it (career) for the past 13years and he prides in imparting contemporary tailoring and knitting skills to the youth especially at a time when youth unemployment has scourged Uganda

Edmond Oketheng

Music Instructor

Edmond heads the Music section at the HUYSLINCI Vocational school. He holds a diploma in Social Works and Social Administration (SWASA) from Kampala University and a Grade 8 certificate in Music from Kampala Music School. He is good at drama acting and has love for young people. He is good at Brass Band Music, Classical Music, Hip Hop and Brazilian Capoeira tunes

Nash Paul Miiro

Social Worker

Nash Paul holds a Bachelors’ Degree and a Diploma in Journalism from Nkumba University -Uganda.
He has passion for community and youth mobilization and Entertainment and has formerly worked with Uganda Broad Casting Corporation (UBC) TV,
He has had training in project planning and management and marketing.

Benjamin Kamya

Transport Officer

Benjamin is another versatile team member at HUYSLINCI. He heads the transport department and serves as the transport manager. His dynamism and self drive at taking up various (additional) tasks distinguishes him as an organizational ‘asset’.

Maria Goretti Nakato

Hygiene manager

Maria Gorrette is the Hygiene and Welfare Assistant at HUYSLINCI. Timeliness and consistency are some of the attributes that signify the love she has for her work.

Bernard Nsekanabo

Security Officer

Bernard is in charge of security at HUYSLINCI.

Emanuel Rehak


Emanuel is a volunteer under HUYSLINCI's partnership with Vuga- Germany. He was born in Hungary and moved to Germany at the age of two, where he grew up in a small city near Munich. He is a creative Graphics and Illustration Artist  and is so passionate about  youths and children.

He has very much supported the HUYSLINCI Live band class and has trained several youth in Capoeira and Thai boxing (Martial Arts) as a way to live a healthy lifestyle.

Jonathan Neumann


Jonathan has widely researched and a graduate of Educational Sciences focusing on social pedagogy at the Eberhard Karl University in Tübingen. After his Master of Arts in Educational Science at the University of Education in Freiburg, he chose to apply for a voluntary service at HUYSLINCI and he was warmly accepted.

He was born in the South of Germany and raised in a small village close to Stuttgart. He is a joyful person with distinct values, loving to share and spend his free time in sport activities like football and boxing. He loves working with youths and young adults to enlarge their possibilities to develop themselves.

He is currently attached to the education department of HUYSLINCI and we celebrate his booster contribution.

Juliet Nansasi

M&E Assistant

Juliet  worked with HUYSLINCI as a volunteer since 2015 until 2018 when she was embraced as a full-time employee of HUYSLINCI. She supports the HUYSLINCI M&E Department and is in charge of the Child Sponsorship Program.

She holds a BA (Hons) in Business Statistics from Makerere University and has  participated in numerous Twaweza researches as an enumerator and village coordinator, worked as an enrollment officer with the Independent Electoral Commission of Uganda, an Issuance Officer with the National Identification & Registration Authority of Uganda (NIRA), and an enumerator with the Uganda Bureau of Statistics.