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Project Overview

The HUYSLINCI Vocational School is located in Wakiso District, the largest and most populous in Uganda (2,246,800 people; 48.2% male and 51.8% female) and with both urban and rural characteristics. One in four households in Uganda fosters at least one orphan by providing for health, shelter, nutrition, education and other needs according to the situation analysis of OVC-2000. However, many of these care-givers are overburdened and often lack the socio-economic capacity to provide adequate care and support for these children.


The Wakiso District OVC Strategic Plan 2011-2016 estimates 81,476 children below the age of 18 years to have lost a mother/father or both parents to HIV/AIDS in Wakiso district. As a result, these young people are subjected to inadequate family guidance and emotional support, limited access to education, insufficient socialization and financial support. They find it difficult to cope up with the challenges of living a dignified life yet they lack vocational and life skills which constitute a continuum of knowledge and aptitudes that are necessary for them to function independently. The death of parents compels some young people to take care of their younger siblings and given their limited survival/employable skills; there is inadequate capacity to earn income to boost their welfare.   They thus often seek employment in the informal sector where they are underpaid.  Wakiso, due to its national centrality and being a business hub, attracts large numbers of people especially the energetic youth who come to look for possibilities for survival.

Uganda has the world’s youngest population with over 78% of its population below the age of 30. With just under eight million youth aged 15-30, the country also has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Sub-Saharan Africa. These youth constitute 80% of the nation’s unemployed group.


This project involves direct delivery of skills training for the youth at the HUYSLINCI Youth Centre whereat, various vocational skills are taught. Such skills include: Tailoring, Knitting, Embroidery, Hairdressing and Salon, Computer Usage, Tailoring Machine Repair & Maintenance, Chalk making, Liquid Soap Making, Black Book Making, Culinary Arts.  HUYSLINCI also provides/integrates non-formal vocational skills trainings for young people who have never attended school through special modules and apprenticeship.

All students additionally receive basic computer literacy training and soft skills like customer service, communication skills, conflict prevention and management, marketing and cost free value addition, teamwork and interpersonal skills, basic financial literacy, among others.

We also hold weekly guidance and counseling sessions for our trainees.

Our students also enjoy a variety of games and sports activities like football, netball and board games, tag of war, etc

We also have a stout internship programme for our finalist students where we attach them to competent artisan centres in line with their different training courses to help them ‘taste’ the actual job market requirements and reinforce their abilities before they seek employment or start up their own ventures.

The School is registered with the Directorate of Industrial Training of the Ministry of Education and Sports with Centre Number UVQF/747 and accredited to handle Worker's PAS, Modular Levels I & II.